TCL Chinese Theatre 


The Chinese Theatre, located on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, is an outdoor theater built-in 1922. The famous Chinese Theatre is best known as the epicenter of Hollywood’s film industry. The approximately 2,500-seat theater hosts many film premieres as well as special screenings and events throughout the year. Hollywood is a beautiful place. When the weather is nice you can see the stars and enjoy a movie outdoors at the Chinese Theatre. But if you’re in the mood for art, or just want to stroll through Hollywood, TCL Chinese Theatre is a beautiful building and a great place to take selfies.

There are two major movie theaters in Hollywood, CA and they are the Cinerama Dome and the Chinese Theatre. The Chinese Theatre is the 8th oldest movie theater in the United States and the Cinerama Dome is the 14th oldest.

“Transformers: The Last Knight” is the second-largest movie opening of 2017, and the biggest entry from the franchise since “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” in 2011. The Sony Masterworks Orchestra of TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA is a group of artists whose goal is to bring the music of the late Leonard Bernstein to you in HD. Don’t ask for the price of the orchestra. Just go and listen to this.

Notice the digital clock on the tower. The iconic Hollywood landmark has been around since 1927. TCL Chinese Theatre was the venue for the world premiere of the first sound feature film, “The Jazz Singer,” starring Al Jolson. The Chinese Theatre closed its doors in 1989 and was restored in 1994. The theatre is now a part of the TCL Chinese Theatres chain, which is owned by the same company that owns the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

The Chinese Theatre was designed by architect Clifford F. Frear (probably best known for designing the Paramount Theatre in Seattle) and completed in 1927. Until 1985, the Chinese Theatre was known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The original Chinese Theater and its courtyard were dedicated by Chinese-American businessman Marceline Day on November 16, 1927. In the early 1990s, the Chinese Theatre has renamed the TCL Chinese Theatre after the Chinese-owned telecommunications company, TCL, moved its corporate headquarters from New York City to Los Angeles.

The Board of Directors for the Chinese Theatre has approved a plan to build on the historic and attractive site.

The IMAX at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA is the world’s first IMAX theatre powered by OLED, where the company’s technology has allowed the theatre to provide wider, brighter images and an unmatched level of immersive audio. The IMAX theatre at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood has reopened after a massive fire destroyed its projection booth and destroyed many of the projectors that ran the show. The large IMAX theatre was completely smoke and water damaged, but all of the equipment was undamaged. The theatre’s projection booth contains the In-Cinema Camera – a 10.9 megapixel digital camera that records, plays back, edits, and prints images. The IMAX theatre has been closed since the fire.