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Cheap Tree Stump Grinding & Removal - West Hollywood, CA

Tree Stump Grinding and Removal


Whether you’re tired of wasting time having to go around a stump to mow the lawn or afraid you will hurt yourself on the remaining trunk, there is a way to take care of your problem!

Cheap Tree Stump Grinding In West Hollywood


One way to get rid of an ugly stump and have the area blend in with the landscape around it is stump grinding. Not only that, but nobody wants the embarrassment, cost, and pain of injuring a foot on an unwanted stump. 

Another benefit of this service is to prevent pests, such as termites or bronze birch borers, from living in the remaining stump. Pests like these can cause your trees, or even your home, damage and cost you more money so it is best to take care of the stump right away.

Also, tons of trees leave behind stumps after dying of disease. The stump can spread this disease to your other trees putting them, and your yard, at risk of dying.

Stump grinding is typically cheaper than full stump removal. This is because we don’t have to dig, cut away roots, or haul away the trunk like we do with stump removal. 

Stump grinding is the process of grinding a stump down below the ground using a piece of equipment called a stump grinder. This tool looks like a large lawn mower- it even has a blade that is used to grind away the tree stump. 

Once a stump is grinded down, it can then be covered with a layer of topsoil where sod can be planted to make it look beautiful again.


To fully remove a stump from your home or business, we have to dig it out of the ground. Therefore, the root system has to be cut also. 
Stump removal requires more labor than stump grinding- especially if the stump needs to be completely removed from your home or business after it is removed from the ground. 
However, one good reason to choose removal over grinding is development. If you ever want to build in the area around the stump, you need to have the stump fully removed first. If you think you, or someone else, may ever want to develop the area it is best to fully remove the stump now.
Removing the tree stump also makes it easier to get the area ready to plant more trees. If you are growing trees that bear fruit, like an apple tree or a pear tree, this may be important because you will want to replace the fruit from the tree you lost. Removing the stump will also prevent any regrowth.



A stump grinding service can cost from anywhere between $80 to over $200. There are a lot of factors that go into the price including:

      • Wood Hardness
      •  Size of the stump
      • Accessibility

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A stump removal service typically costs between $500 and $600. Like with stump grinding, stump removal costs take into account many things. Factors that must be considered include:

      • Wood Hardness
      • Accessibility 
      • Size of the stump
      • Rocky or hard soil
Stump Removal In West Hollywood

We can have an arborist come by your home or business and assess your stump. From there, we can recommend stump grinding or stump removal.
Whether your stump is from a small Japanese Birch, a massive California Redwood, or anything in between, we can offer you the best stump grinding and stump removal in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  

We can also provide ways to prevent further damage to a tree you love, one is through Tree Cabling & Bracing.


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