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Effective Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing - West Hollywood, CA

Tree Cabling & Bracing

What is tree cabling anyway?

When do you need to do it?

Tree cabling and bracing are ways to stabilize a tree and there are a few reasons for doing so.


Many of our customers have beautiful, luscious trees that give their yard character or provide them with shade and comfort, but they are afraid that savage winds from a powerful storm will damage the tree. Other times, there is already some damage to an otherwise healthy tree that they wish to save. By this, we can prevent the removal of your trees from your yard.

There are many reasons you may want or need to support the tree through cabling or bracing:

    • Prevention
    • Restoration
    • Mitigation


Tree Gabling &Amp; Bracing At West Hollywood


Tree cabling uses steel cables to provide support to a tree that can’t support its own weight. It is not used to to keep unhealthy or dying trees from falling apart (for trees that are dying we recommend full removal), but can be used for an healthy tree that is oddly shaped or damaged by storms. 

Cabling will help redistribute the weight and help the branches and trunk support each other. Sometimes even the weight of the foliage itself and inadequate pruning can lead to structural damage.



Tree bracing is often done in conjunction with tree cabling. Bracing can further support a tree with the use of bracing rods. Bracing rods can help to brace splitting limbs together. 

Trees that are healthy but overly stressed may require sufficient bracing to remain structurally sound. You may have a beautiful tree with an uncharacteristic, and hideous, crack may require the use of a tensioning device.  

For bracing, steel rods are inserted into holes that are drilled through the tree. This can help to close cracks or to support limbs.



Cabling is an effective way to prevent further damage to a tree you love. It is much better to protect the tree before a storm occurs in order to prevent the loss of a magnificent tree to severe damage. 

Some trees have structural issues and could even damage your home or business and, therefore, require cabling. It is important to get advice from a professional arborist in order to maintain your trees and prevent damage to your property, yourself, or others.

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Many things can damage a tree such as construction work, heavy storms or wind, or even extreme temperatures. Cabling and bracing can be used to restore the tree so that you won’t have to fully remove it. It can also prevent further damage to the tree.


If the tree is located in an area where it poses a significant risk to property or people, it may require mitigation. Cabling and bracing can prevent the tree from falling and causing damage, injury, or even death.  

Whether you need to prevent damage or to restore, West Hollywood Tree Service has experts that can help you and save your tree.

How Much Does Tree Cabling Cost?

The cost of tree cabling, like it is with any tree maintenance, is based on many factors like:

      • Size
      • Condition
      • Location
      • Type of System Required

The cost of tree cabling in Los Angeles can cost anywhere between $200 and $500 or more. If you need to get a free estimate on tree cabling in West Hollywood, call us now!

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